Know How Your Bike Insurance Policy Can Provide More Value With These Add-On Covers

Know How Your Bike Insurance Policy Can Provide More Value With These Add-On Covers

Choosing an add-on cover is a significant portion of the premium for the insurance’s coverage. 

This article will discuss how selecting add-on policies will benefit and enhance your bike insurance policy.

What Are Add-On Covers?

You can purchase an Add-on to your comprehensive bike insurance policy. These coverages are not available with a standard third-party liability policy. Consequently, add-on coverings are an additional layer of protection that provides your bike with supplementary coverage.

  • Zero Depreciation

Every bike is subject to normal deterioration over time. Consequently, your two-wheeler’s components may be subject to recurrent depreciation. Therefore, whenever a policyholder submits a claim for vehicle repairs, this amount of depreciation is subtracted from the ultimate settlement amount to be paid by the insurer.

This is where a Zero Depreciation add-on cover comes to the rescue of the policyholder. Consequently, when you claim bike insurance, your insurer will pay for the damage without considering the depreciation percentage imposed on the replaced or repaired bike parts.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

The roadside assistance coverage enables you to request assistance whenever and wherever you experience a technical or mechanical failure related to your bike. This assistance is available around-the-clock by contacting the insurer and providing incident details.

If you drive in remote areas with limited mechanical service support and want to avoid the stress of any unforeseen situations involving the bike’s mechanical failure, this additional coverage is essential.

  • Engine Protection Cover

This is another essential supplemental coverage for comprehensive insurance. The engine is the heart of any vehicle and is practically the most crucial mechanical component of the bike. While a comprehensive bike insurance policy offers all-encompassing protection, it does not cover damage to the transmission or engine. With this additional cover, you are protected against any damage to your engine or transmission, even if you are involved in an accident.

  • Return to Invoice Add Cover

As a vehicle in a public space, your bike has a high risk of being in an accident or collision on the road and an increased risk of theft. Suppose you do a timely bike insurance renewal with genuine comprehensive bike insurance and the return-to-invoice add-on cover. In that case, you can claim the vehicle’s Insured Declared Value (IDV) if the police cannot locate it. The police will then issue a certificate to file an insurance claim for the stolen vehicle.

  • Loss Of Equipment

Bluetooth devices, a set of grills, auxiliary lights, and seat kits are just a few accessories people add to their motorcycles today. These adornments can be damaged or lost in the event of an accident. This additional coverage can reimburse you for damaged electric and non-electric bike accessories.

A general insurance company like Bajaj Allianz bike insurance Company offers the ideal add-on covers that can increase the value of your auto insurance policy.

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