Reasons to Hire a Sydney Work Injury Lawyer

Reasons to Hire a Sydney Work Injury Lawyer

Most workplace injuries go unreported, with many of the victims becoming incapacitated and never getting any form of compensation from their employers. What most of these people do not understand is that they are entitled to compensation for as long as they were injured while in their line of work, or within the business premises. The injuries don’t necessarily have to be physical; psychological injuries should be treated the same as well. 

Some employees are also afraid to report such injuries for fear of getting fired, or losing to the company lawyers. Should you feel that your rights are being violated, or are denied compensation for the injuries, a good workers compensation lawyer can help. All you need to do is seek advice from the lawyer to see if your case stands a chance. Some of the benefits and reasons you should hire a Sydney work injury lawyer are discussed below. 

1. Hiring a Lawyer Improves Your Odds

Going against your employer (past or present) or insurance company can be intimidating. This is because both the insurance company and the employer will try to pin you to the ground, or even force you to drop the charge. Bringing in your ‘big guns,’ in this case; an experienced work injury lawyer makes it much easier to have your issue addressed. Lawyers are also more knowledgeable and have a greater bargaining power, attributes you can use to your advantage. Having an experienced and reputable lawyer by your side, therefore, increases your odds significantly. 

2. To Avoid the Hustle

Some employers’/insurance companies choose to frustrate their opponents by delaying proceedings. A good lawyer will however not allow this and will seek an amicable solution without wasting any time. Letting your lawyer handle the case gives you more time to focus on other more important issues, and even avoid stresses that come with litigation. This also gives you ample time for recovery. 

3. Experience

Some of the best Sydney work injury lawyers have been handling such cases for quite some time. This thus makes them better equipped for the task, particularly when it comes to determining how much your claim is worth. It is also through experience that the lawyer will challenge low offers, and even go for a much higher lump sum. 

4. Avoid Pitfalls

Some employers may be cunning enough to lead you into a trap, then force you into taking whatever they have to offer. They could also take the opportunity to terminate your employment if you aren’t careful. A good lawyer will however see such traps a mile away, which should force the employer into agreeing to your terms. Many of the distinguished work injury lawyers in Sydney will be willing to go to trial when forced to. Most employers and even insurance companies will not wait to go to trial. 

As mentioned earlier, hiring a work injury lawyer gives you better odds of getting fair compensation. It also protects you from losing your job, especially if still working with the company. You however need to find the best in the field for better representation. While most lawyers will agree to work on a contingency, discuss the legal fees before signing any contract.

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